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Story of New Ladder

Story of New Ladder

The Munsu Water Park built in a modern style in Pyongyang, capital city of DPRK, has many facilities to delight the people.
The facilities are associated with the great love of General Secretary Kim Jong Un who is paying the deepest attention to the people.
One day in October 2013 he made rounds of the completed Munsu Water Park.
General Secretary Kim Jong Un, who was looking at the people going down in a water slide with a warm glow, told the officials that many people of those going down in the steep water slide failed to slide to the last of the course.
After a while he said it was necessary to build a ladder in the middle of the horizontal part of the course so that the people who failed to slide down to the last of the course might go down aside.
After all, a new ladder was built in the middle part of the horizontal course of the steep water slide.