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Invincible Bulwark (5)

Invincible Bulwark (5)

Muhammad Ibrahim Ali
(continued from the last issue)
What I was greatly moved was that all the Korean people turned out to labor and national defense under the slogan “Rifle in one hand and hammer or sickle in the other!”
The Worker-Peasant Red Guards, a militia organization, was systematically organized in everywhere such as factories, mines, power stations and agrarian and fishing villages. Its strong sense of organization and discipline and high level of military technique struck me with admiration.
Through the visit to the subunits of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards and the Korean People’s Army I could have a good knowledge that DPRK is a self-defensive country which cannot be seen in the world and the whole people turn out in the field to defend the country and the Korean people are convinced of the victory of their cause.
I came to know why the US could not irritate the Korean people.
However, with only this I could not clear my doubts.
(continuation follows)