The great persons of Mt. Paektu
“Hero Youth”

“Hero Youth”

On front of the dam of Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station No. 1 built in Paegam County, Ryanggang Province were letters “Hero Youth”
The construction of this power station took place under the very unfavorable conditions of nature and climate in the history of the building of power stations in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
The young men and women of the DPRK finished a huge task that was equivalent to the amount of work done in ten years in a matter of more than 120 days and completed the construction of the dam of Power Station No. 1 on August 28, 2015, in the run-up to the 70th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.
General Secretary Kim Jong Un who visited the construction site of the soon-to-be-completed power station in September 2015 gave high appreciation of the feats of the young builders and put all of them forward as heroes and heroines and gave instructions to inscribe the valuable title “Hero Youth” in the dam of the power station of eternal value.