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Road Work in Midnight

Road Work in Midnight

A few military cars were driving along a country lane at night of one day in spring 1951 when the Korean War was at its height.
Inside the cars were President Kim Il Sung (1912-1994) who had visited a unit of Korean People’s Army and members of the Supreme Headquarters.
The speed was low because the lane was covered with mud.
At last the cars got stuck in the mud before skidding.
Nobody could know when war planes would fly to drop bombs. The officials looked worried.
The cars got rid of the mud after suffering hardships.
The officials hurried as much as they could.
But the President carried a big stone around him to throw it into the depression where the cars got stuck in the mud. All the officials filled the puddles with stones.
The President said that it was not enough to fill the places where the cars got stuck in the mud, when morning broke the peasants came to work with carts, so it would be good to repair the nearby roads although it took some time before leaving.
After all, there was road work in the dead of the night.
The next day the peasants were surprised to see the repaired road.
Who had done it.