The great persons of Mt. Paektu
When he was the most happy

When he was the most happy

In September 2015 the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un made a round of the general-service ship Mujigae.
Looking at the ship, he said it looks wonderful like a rainbow as the name says, the Taedong River is as bright as day with the ship Mujigae sailing on the river.
He went on to say that one more rare cultural recreation place is come into being in Pyongyang, our people can lead more cultured life with the ship sailing on the river and he recovers from his fatigue to think over the people laughing and enjoying the sights of the Taedong River by the ship.
He said that he is very pleased when he sees the wealth made for the people and officials should work hard to make something, large or small, for the people and feel joy and pride in it.