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Old Women Soldiers of Persimmon Tree Company

Old Women Soldiers of Persimmon Tree Company

The persimmon tree company is a women’s coast artillery company Chairman Kim Jong Il frequently visited.
Choe Myong Ok was the then commanding officer of the company and now works at a publishing house in Pyongyang. She still remembers the fatherly love of the Chairman who in February 2, 1995 visited her company and worried about the chapped faces of her and women soldiers of the company by the sea wind and sent creams and paste to them.
Ri Yong Wol, who works at the Pyongyang Children’s Foodstuff Factory, was the then company political instructor when the Chairman visited the company in August 1995.
At that time the Chairman sent his private ship to the company to bring the women soldiers and spread the food table for them and when the women soldiers were unwilling to leave he told them that he would go to the company again when persimmon got ripe, the Supreme Commander would not break his promise with his soldiers. She still remembers what the Chairman said.
Kim Jong Gum and Jong Hye Yong, the then women soldiers of the women’s coast artillery company, have grown up to be competent officials under his warm love.
Ryang Chun Nyo, twin soldiers served at the women’s coast artillery company, works at the South Hwanghae Provincial People’s Committee. She still remembers the emotion packed day when the Chairman visited her company. At that time he met with the twins and asked about the age, the enrollment year and health. When he looked at them with different military ranks, he said when their parents brought them up, they did not give them different clothes, we would give them the same military rank with the care of their real parents.