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Yu Suk Gun, Female Scholar of Medicine of DPRK

Yu Suk Gun, Female Scholar of Medicine of DPRK

Among the scholars of medicine who dedicated themselves to the development of medicine of the country is Mrs. Yu Suk Guk who created vaccination against measles.
She rendered distinguished service to foil the germ warfare of the US imperialists during the Fatherland Liberation War and after the ceasefire she developed a great many drugs for preventing against typhoid, Japanese encephalitis and other contagious diseases and for treatment.
In the 1960s she together with researchers started the research work to prevent measles, a contagious disease that took life of Korean children, and made vaccination against measles, the first of its kind, in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
The vaccination against measles, though it was firmly guaranteed scientifically, should go through a clinic demonstration. She felt intricate.
She could not willingly offer the clinic demonstration to anyone.
She finally decided to give the first preventive injection to her daughter but it was painful to her.
She has never looked after her daughter with the care of her mother as she was always busy with scientific researches. She was also a mother with children before a medical person.
However, she gave preventive injections against measles to her mother and daughter in order to confirm its security for the safety of the people.
President Kim Il Sung called her a true patriot and gave her the honor of the title of Labor Hero of the DPRK, candidate academician, people’s scientist, professor and doctor.