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Samson Rocks in Mt. Kumgang

Samson Rocks in Mt. Kumgang

Samson Rocks is standing at the entrance to Manmulsang of Mt. Kumgang.
The cloud-kissing rocks were designated as the natural monument for its curious shape and beauty.
Samson Rocks are composed of granite dating back to the Mesozoic age.
Three rocks, standing about 30m tall, look similar, yet each with unique characteristics.
The front one is spear-shaped and the middle one is rather stumpy while the rear one is quite blunt.
Pine-nut trees, azalea and trees of other species rooted in the crevices of the rocks add to the beautiful scenery.
Samson Rocks are of academic significance as they bear traces related to tectonic movement and the formation of the terrain. They also add to the landscape of world-famous Mt. Kumgang.