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Invincible Bulwark (4)

Invincible Bulwark (4)

Muhammad Ibrahim Ali
(continued from the last issue)
What is the DPRK?
How can the DPRK stand in all-out confrontation with the United States and reduce it to submission? The question made me pay deep attention to the DPRK and led me to the visit of DPRK.
In September 1971 I paid a visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for the first time right after my assumption of the Commander of the Syrian People’s Army.
My visit to the DPRK was designed to see myself and confirm many things and in particular learn the strength of the DPRK that exercises the right of independence in the single-handed combat against the US and its secret.
The schedule of our visit to the DPRK was 15 days or so. Our advanced notice concerning the visit to Pyongyang and local towns and the field of military affairs especially civil defence military organisation and its training system and method, self-defence system, strategy and tactics of individual factories and civil anti-air raid training system and experience was agreed.
The Korean people were strong in the spirit of independence against imperialism, but on the other hand they were peaceful and gentle. They were very kind and treated us as close comrade-in-arms against imperialism and Zionism.
We could visit many places including Pyongyang and Hamhung, a local town, and came to have a good knowledge of many things.
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