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Not Being an Empty Talk

Not Being an Empty Talk

In August 1981 there was a seminar for the promotion of the agricultural development in non-aligned and developing countries in Pyongyang.
President Kim Il Sung met with the ministers of agriculture of many countries present at the seminar and convened a consultative meeting for the agricultural development of those countries.
At the consultative meeting the President said that they should not think that all the problems would be solved by themselves as the seminar adopted a declaration, even a good declaration would be totally useless without taking organizational steps for carrying it into practice and be nothing but a blank sheet of paper if we disperse after adopting a declaration in the seminar without substantial steps, the people of the developed countries would say that we had indulged ourselves in empty talk.
And he added that he would take a step for setting up agricultural institutes in Guinea and Tanzania and experimental farms in other countries each, sending ten Korean agricultural scientists and technicians to agricultural institutes in Tanzania and Guinea and three-five to experimental farms in other countries as they desired.
Thanks to the warm love of the President a great progress has since then made in agricultural industry of African countries.
The Guinean people named their institute “Kim Il Sung Institute of Agricultural Science, Guinea” praising highly of the President who set up the agricultural science institute in far-off African land with a view to helping them ease their critical food shortage.