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Where Does Happiness Come (2)

Where Does Happiness Come (2)

Ri Mi Son failed to sleep during whole night.
She wanted to do everything in an honorable way. She wanted to remain true to the call of the member of the WPK his son was proud of.
A few years ago her native place was affected by unprecedented flood. At that time while staying on the roof of neighbor’s house she could not but see her house collapsing. She who has two children without her husband was worried about the livelihood, tears rolling down her face.
As busy with state affairs he was, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the affected area two times for field guidance over the reconstruction of the disaster area and provided her family with a new dwelling house.
She felt guilty for noting repaying the kindness of the country.
So she worked in place of her husband and she is now respected and loved by the people as an innovator.
She leads a worthwhile life, thinking that the daily change of her native place is associated with her own effort.