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A Famous Patriotic General - So Hui

A Famous Patriotic General - So Hui

So Hui, a famous patriotic general of Koryo, passed the state examinations in the year 960 and became an army royal commissioner in the year 983.
When the Kitan invaded Koryo with large army of hundreds of thousands of legions, he became a commander of leading army and stationed his defence troops in Pyongyang.
When the war turned against them, the coward feudal rulers proposed to surrender to the enemies or give up the areas north of Sogyong (now Pyongyang). So the King also wavered.
So Hui insisted on the continuous resistance, though.
The enemies, overawed by the strong military strength of Koryo and the people’s spirit of resistant war, dared not to continue the military adventure after a severe blow in the battle of Anyungjin (southwest of Anju) south of the Chongchon River and tried to realize their wild ambition through talks.
At the talks So Hui put down a foolish proposition of the enemy boss Xiao Sun Ning through active and skillful diplomacy.
The enemies were cornered at the negotiations and had to withdraw their troops.
Later, So Hui was in charge of the army as a normal general from the year 994 to the year 997 to command the building of castles in different areas south of the Amnok River so as to contribute to tightening the defence of the area northwest of Korea.