The great persons of Mt. Paektu
“Chinsonnyo Moran”

“Chinsonnyo Moran”

In April 1965 President Kim Il Sung visited Indonesia to participate in the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the historic Bandung Conference.
At that time among the accompanying officials of Indonesia was Supri Yusuf, the then Indonesian chargé d'affaires ad interim to the DPRK.
During the President’s visit to Indonesia he was fascinated by his greatness through the experiences what a learned, tender-hearted, simple and modest man he was.
Afterwards, he returned to the Indonesian embassy in Pyongyang.
A few days later, his wife had a baby girl. He wanted to give his daughter a Korean-style name, meaningful and beautiful.
So, he expressed his best wishes to the President and asked him to name his daughter.
The President complied with the request, named his daughter “Chinsonnyo (friendship lady) Moran” and sent his personal letter.