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Tale of Woman Innovator (2)

Tale of Woman Innovator (2)

Kim Ok Ran fell in deep anguish.
Though I was bereaved of my parents in the period of “Arduous March” when the country was pressed hard for everything, I lived without nothing to envy under the care of the Workers’ Party of Korea. But what am I doing now…
At that time she was heard of the news of the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.
The Party’s call for a new victory stirred her heart.
She immediately went to the factory where she had worked. The factory complied with her request to become the lathe operator.
Then she again became a lathewoman. It was difficult to do this work again due to the interval of her work for many years.
At that time the aged skilled workers in the work team helped her with all sincerity.
She could easily deal with machine accessories needed for transformers to be sent to major construction sites across the country.
She regained the honor of innovators during these days. It was everything to her. The pride and honor of doing something for the factory and country is just worth of her life.