The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Admiration of President

Admiration of President

In May 1989 the president of Iran visited the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
While making rounds of various places, he was deeply moved to see the Korean people registering shining successes in socialist construction, rallied close around the Workers’ Party of Korea.
In particular, he was greatly moved when he was told of a fact that Chairman Kim Jong Il led socialist construction.
When he met President Kim Il Sung he opened his heart to him that respected His Excellency Kim Jong Il is conducting energetic activities upholding the cause of His Excellency President Kim Il Sung.
The President agreed with him and said Comrade Kim Jong Il is really doing a lot to solve all his planning projects.
The Iranian president added that it is a privilege and pride of the Korean people to have His Excellency Kim Jong Il as a great leader and His Excellency Kim Jong Il is a peerless great man identical to His Excellency President.