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Gifts Given to Children across the Country

Gifts Given to Children across the Country

The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un sent gifts to the children at revolutionary schools, primary and middle schools for orphans, baby homes and orphanages, primary schools and nurseries and kindergartens across the country on the occasion of the greatest national auspicious Day of the Shining Star (February 16).
Various kinds of school things with “Haebaragi” and “Mindulle” brands and tasty foodstuffs were given to the children across the country from Pyongyang to the most out-of-the-way village at the foot of Mt. Paektu and a remote island.
Seeing the happy looks of children at kindergartens and orphans and of children in islet villages, islet outposts and forefront areas, their teachers and parents have keenly felt the gratitude to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who spares nothing for the children, the future of the country.