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Boasting of School Bag

Boasting of School Bag

A new school year for 2023 began at all schools in different parts of the DPRK on April 1.
On such a day the Korean children go to school carrying the home-made “Sonamu” brand school bags on their back.
The children in the picture are pupils of Sohung Primary School in Moranbong District, Pyongyang.
A football for the schoolboy and a cute cartoon drawing for the schoolgirl are printed on their school bags.
They are now boasting of their school bags.
The children standing around them are also wavering in distinguishing between right and wrong.
They look very happy.
The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un sent reference data of over one hundred pages he was studying to a relevant field with a view to making such bag of rucksack design for the children and examined over 450 designs of school bag.
And when there were trial products he checked them personally and built school bag factories in all parts of the country.