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Though she was not their own flesh and blood

Though she was not their own flesh and blood

A woman went out of the gate of the nerves special hospital of Korea General Red Cross Hospital at the end of December 2022.
She was Jo Un Hui, a worker at the practice workshop of Kim Chaek University of Technology.
Jo Un Hui, leaving the hospital, was welcomed by Kim Un Chol, Ra Jong Chol, Kim Yon Hui and other officials and employees of the same factory.
When she, unconscious, was suddenly carried to the hospital they visited hospital to see her every day.
The officials earnestly asked the doctors to restore her and his colleagues gave a pep-talk and health food to her after the recovery of consciousness.
Honestly, most of them were not close friends though they work at the same workshop. They were casual acquaintances. However, they regarded her mishap as their own.
Sincerity of the medical workers and comrades was life-restoring medicine.
Jo Un Hui hardened the resolution to work a lot for the comrades who regard the pains of others as their own and showed their true heart and for the generous socialist system.