The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Share He Gave Back

Share He Gave Back

One day in November 1993 an account settlement and income distribution meeting was grandly held in the Wonhwa Cooperative Farm(then) in Phyongwon County, South Phyongan Province.
The meeting adopted a decision to present the share deposited by President Kim Il Sung who became an honorary farmer from the period of socialist agricultural cooperation after the Korean war.
Being informed of the fact that the share was 100 000 won in Korean currency from the officials he told them to buy tractors, trucks and farm machines with that money to send them to the farm.
Some days later the President together with an official calculated the money needed for the purchase of farm machines to be sent to the farm. He came to know that he needed more money for the purchase than his share. He laughed with joy, saying that it would be necessary to make up for the deficit with the next year’s share..
The tractors, trailers and trucks associated with the great loving care of the President were sent to the farm.
An European statesman heard of this story and said that: I heard of a story saying that the leader of a country became an honorary farmer and received his share for the first time and of a story saying that the share was allocated to the purchase of tractors and trucks for the farmers for the first time. A long time passed since mankind’s start of farming but this is a legend-like story, indeed.