The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Great Leader (9)

Great Leader (9)

Pierre Ndje

(continued from the last issue)
I, looking up to President Kim Il Sung, said to him that: it is the DPRK who firstly helped us right after the victory in our country and it is also the DPRK still giving a helping hand even in the war minus gun report against the U.S. imperialists, we are grateful to the DPRK for its sincerity and value it.
Expressing thanks for this the President said: if there is no presence of the US imperialist in south Korea the country can be reunified quickly and our people can also be better off and we can give more help to our brethren, all these are attributable to the US imperialists and that is why if the US imperialists provoke another war, we will fight with them to an end.
Listening to him attentively, I wanted to ask the world.
Are there any such a country, people and leader as the DPRK that make sincere efforts to relieve the sufferings of brotherly countries, though they are exposed to a constant danger?
The DPRK should drive out the US imperialists from the country to reunify it, improve the people’s living and help a brotherly country, therefore, the President, shouldering the heavy “burden” of the DPRK as well as of the world, pave the checkered road of revolution.
Indeed, he was the leader of the Korean revolution as well as the great leader of the world revolution.
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