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Mt. Chilbo, Famous Mountain of Korea

Mt. Chilbo, Famous Mountain of Korea

Mt. Chilbo, a scenic beauty on the East Sea of Korea, is known since long ago as “Hambukkumgang” for its distinguished scenery of mountain and sea and it is called as compared with seven treasures.
Mt. Chilbo consists of various scenery, divided into Inner Chilbo, Outer Chilbo and Sea Chilbo.
It has hot springs including Hwangjin Hot Spring well known from ancient times. It also has hundreds of species of plants and tens of kinds of birds, reptiles, amphibian and insects.
Song-i mushroom growing in Mt. Chilbo is counted among Korean mushrooms for its peculiar odour and taste.
A lot of ancient remains and relics of primitive and middle ages were unearthed in the area of Mt. Chilbo.
The area was registered as the World Biosphere Reserve in 2014.