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Honored Disabled Soldier and University Student

Honored Disabled Soldier and
University Student

It happened at night of one day in May 2023.
Ryu Song Ho, an honored disabled soldier living in Songhwa 2-Dong, Sadong District, Pyongyang, went close to the window to give a long gaze after a young man who was walking in the darkness.
The young man was Jo Song Hak, a student of Kim Chaek University of Technology. Though he was very busy with studying, the student visited his house to take care of him and gave a helping hand in his study every day. So, they became close friends.
Three years ago Ryu Song Ho got acquainted with Jo Song Hak for the first time.
In those days they were all under hospital care.
During their life in hospital the relations between them were special and even after the discharge from the hospital Jo Song Hak often visited the hospital to give the honored disabled soldier some tonics good for his health. Now Ryu Song Ho follows Jo Song Hak like his real elder brother.
Their feelings and loving care were further deepened after their moving into new houses in Songhwa Street at the same day.
When he was back from the university, Jo Song Hak used to visit the house of Ryu Song Ho, who became a student of the tele-education department of Kim Chaek University of Technology and on holidays they went to the construction site of a new street to give pep-talk to the builders.
People admire them for their deeds.