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Letter He Received (4)

Letter He Received (4)

Ko Mun Sik fought hard all night with various kinds of films and examination results and the case history sheet he had already read them scores of times.
One late evening Party-cell secretary Ri Kwang Song entered the doctor's room.
“Are you going to sit up all night again?”
He put on the desk of Ko a bundle he carried with him.
Various kinds of operating implements were in it.
“Please check them whether they can be used for the medical treatment. I am now coming from the medical appliances factory.”
The moment, Ko was greatly moved.
“If some technical problems are solved it is possible to perform operation of the two traumatic injuries without cutting off the arm, I think.”
On the faces of the two doctors exchanging views on the new proposal for medical treatment were the firm will not to cut off the arm of the patient.
Three days later, Ko Mun Sik launched into the operation with the expectations of all the people.
The operation of hours was successfully finished.
At the entrance of the operation room he saw the acquaintances standing before him.
He was moved to think of the worries of the hospital officials, doctors, nurses and in-patients to bring happiness to her again.