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Code for the People

Code for the People

President Kim Il Sung proclaimed “Socialist Constitution of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” at the First Session of the Fifth Supreme People’s Assembly on December 27, 1972.
With the proclamation of the socialist constitution all the conditions for the Korean people to fully perform the responsibility and role as the masters of the State and society were guaranteed by law and they came to have a might weapon to defend the assets of socialism gained at the cost of blood and achieve prosperity of the country and nation.
After the proclamation of the socialist constitution the great leader established laws of various fields including the Public Health Law, the Law on the Nursing and Upbringing of Children, the socialist labor law and a land-law so as to lay legal framework to safeguard the independent life of the people institutionally and legally.
Chairman Kim Jong Il legalized the President’s idea of state building and feats, took epochal steps for the laws of the State to creditably play the role as means of defending the socialist system centering on the popular masses and energetically led the work to defend the popular nature of the laws of the Republic and add lustre to them.
The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un formulated the Socialist Constitution as Kimilsung-Kimjongil Constitution reflecting the unanimous will and desires of all the people, put forward the idea of building a genuine people’s country where the law defends people and the people observe it and led them to make all the laws of the Republic fully embodying the people-first principle.
The socialist law centering the people, masters of the State and society, was instituted, amended and supplemented based on the people’s requirement.