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National Flag and National Anthem

National Flag and National Anthem

National flags are fluttering in different parts of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea including factories seething with creation and innovation and vast fields with fully ripened golden ears of grain.
The first national flag hoisting ceremony of the Republic took place in front of the Moranbong Theatre in Pyongyang on July 10, 1948, 75 years ago from now.
The moment when the flag of the Republic, blue and red, was hoisted demonstrating the birth of new Korea amid the playing of the solemn national anthem, the people sang their own national anthem in low voices.
The “Patriotic Song”, national anthem of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, sang of the people’s greatest pride and honor of the beautiful three thousand ri land of Korea with history of five thousands of years, brilliant culture and abundant natural resources.
The song sang by the citizens of the first generation of the Republic with the greatest pride and love of the country, is born in the minds of all people of this country and sung by them who are working hard to realize the dream and ideal of a powerful country in the great Kim Jong Un era.
The people devotedly work and advance vigorously for the morrow of prosperous country.