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Exhibitions of Various Fields Opened

Exhibitions of Various Fields Opened

The provincial building materials exhibition-2023 was opened with due ceremony at the May Day Stadium from November 21, 2023 in Pyongyang.
On display, opened with the theme of “The New Era of Promotion of Rural Areas with Our Building Materials”, there are more than 280 kinds of building materials on 16 indices conducive to increasing the production of building materials based on locally available raw materials, improving their quality and diversifying and multi-coloring finishing building materials at building material production units in each province.
During the exhibition there was the visit to the Pyongyang Building Materials Factory and the Mirim Colored Tilery and a lecture on paints, waterproofing agents, colored mortars and plastic building materials.
The 2023 autumn garment exhibition took place at Okryu Exhibition House in the capital city of Pyongyang from November 9 to 21, 2023, drawing attention of the visitors.
The exhibition held on the theme of “As brilliant as our era, as beautiful as our ideal” was designed to further raise the level of clothes design and processing technique as well as the level of the exhibition and service and thus put the dress culture on the world standard and further accelerate the development of the country’s garment industry.
Exhibited there were more than 80 000 autumn and winter garments for female and male, children’s clothes and native dress of 27 kinds from over 320 garment producing units across the country and light industrial goods producing units.
Also displayed there were new and unique dress designs, bags, caps, brooches and other fancy items and cosmetics women like to use.
The exhibition with peculiar and various clothes conforming to the social interests in the dress culture and aesthetic demands of the people served as significant and practical occasions for putting the garment industry of the DPRK on a new higher stage.