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Letter He Received (5)

Letter He Received (5)

Every line of the letter tell the ardent desire of the woman.
“… Doctor, I tried to select the best words again and again all night, but please forgive me failed to find better word than thanks. You are the savior of my life. Even when my family members are only worried about me, you devoted your energy to keep my arm and bring about the flower of laughter to my family again. I am very grateful to you for your care warmer than flames. I feel very sorry for my unpleasant past life in which I thought of myself rather than the society and collective…”
While repeatedly reading the letter of the woman saying that she would do a lot of good things for the society with the hand preserved by the socialist public health system and medical workers, Ko Mun Sik keenly felt the pride of being a doctor.
For the very pride he sat up all night and dedicated blood and flesh for the patient.