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Pyongyang Students and Children’s Palace

Pyongyang Students and Children’s Palace

Pyongyang Students and Children’s Palace in Central District, Pyongyang, is a comprehensive school for the education of wide knowledge, sound morality and strong physique and the extracurricular educational base which has developed under the great love of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.
The President appointed the site for the palace and gave detailed instructions concerning the orientation and ways of its construction, the mission and duty of the palace, the forms and methods of operating circles and named the palace.
The palace was founded on September 30, 1963.
In front of the palace are the statue of President Kim Il Sung embracing the members of the Children’s Union and on both sides and in front of the statue are the groups of sculptures depicting happy schoolchildren who are growing and studying with nothing to envy in the world.
The palace has more than 500 rooms including 200 research and circle rooms for covering social science, natural science, literature and arts, sports, national defence, industry and agriculture and other fields.
It also has a 1 100-capacity theatre, 500-capacity indoor stadium, outdoor practice ground, a library housing hundreds of thousands of volume, astronomical observatory and observation platform.
Thousands of schoolchildren improve their ability according to their choice and talents in research and circle rooms of various fields every day.