The great persons of Mt. Paektu
With Affection for Servicepersons

With Affection for Servicepersons

One day in August 2012 the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said that he wanted to visit Mu Islet next day.
The moment, the officiers tried to dissuade him from going there. Mu islet was so dangerous as it was very close to the enemy.
At that time he said that nobody could change his resolution.
He said, Mu islet was dangerous and the sea route was rough, I should go there come what may, so you should not ask me not to do so, I will go to Mu islet swimming with a sucker for breathing, there are my dearest soldiers in Mu islet, if I , their Supreme Commander, do not go there to see them, who will go there to see them….
The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited a lot of units of the Korean People’s Army, to say nothing of Mu islet, with such warm affection for the servicepersons to acquaint himself with their living conditions such as their beds, meals in warm dining room and supply of meat, fish and vegetables.