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Various Types of Exhibitions Held in DPRK

Various Types of Exhibitions Held in DPRK

Recently, various kinds of exhibitions took place one after another in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
The 2023 Autumn National Footwear Exhibition took place at the Pyongyang Yokjon Department Store from October 13 to 20, drawing the attention of the people.
The exhibition marked a new turn in solving the problem of diversification, polychrome and lightening of the footwear.
And the “2023 Advanced Science and Technology and Products Exhibition” took place successfully at the Grand People’s Study House.
The exhibition brought together more than 300 units in the fields of IT industry, metal, chemistry, machinery, agriculture, electric power and energy industries, light industry and public health, drawing attention of many visitors.
A light industry goods exhibition “Light Industry Development-2023” was also held with due ceremony at the Light Industry Hall of the Three-Revolution Exhibition House in Pyongyang.
On display at the exhibition were more than 12 000 varieties of goods of over 670 kinds developed and produced by more than 550 units across the country.
Besides, the National Exhibition of IT Achievements by University Students, the 25th National Exhibition of Sports Scientific and Technological Achievements and other exhibitions were held.