The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Even in One National Dish

Even in One National Dish

Chairman Kim Jong Il visited a national dish fairground on June 24, 2004.
When he made a round of the fairground, his special attention was paid to Sinsollo.
He said, Sinsollo presented to the show looked good and delicious, Sinsollo is a dish pertaining to the Korean nation and world-famous dish.
Upon hearing his remarks, an official concerned recalled the preparations for a banquet at Okryu Restaurant to be given in honor of a party delegation of a country.
The Chairman acquainted himself with the preparations for the banquet. When he was told that Western dishes more than our national dishes were prepared, he said, it is one of the beautiful characteristics of the Korean people to give our dishes to the guests at our house and it is necessary to serve a lot of Korean dishes at the banquet.
He went on to say, Sinsollo is a unique dish of our country and it is popular among foreigners and the menu should include Sinsollo.
After all, Sinsollo was given as the first dish of the menu. The foreigners who participated in the banquet said that Sinsollo tasted very good and raised the thumb.
Later the Chairman gave detailed instructions to further develop Sinsollo, the pride of the Korean national dishes, so that it might keep its unique features.