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A New Star Appeared after 22 Years

A New Star
Appeared after 22 Years

At the end of March 1977 a table-tennis queen of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Pak Yong Sun won at the 34th World Table-tennis Championships held in Britain. The news stroke the world with wonder again.
Because there was no champion who won continuously in more than 20 years at women’s singles although the championship took place once in two years after the 22nd World Table-tennis Championship held in 1955.
A lot of spectators of the world praised highly of Pak Yong Sun who won at the 34th World Table-tennis Championship involving 500 excellent players from 72 countries following the 33rd World Table-tennis Championship saying whether it is possible for the law of nature to operate even in the world of table tennis like a comet appearing after scores of years.
The journalists asked her about the secret of the straight victories.
She said, you were surprised to see the DPRK that had not a long history of table tennis, successively winning at the championships, but this was hardly a matter for surprise, the miracle of today was the fruition of the great loving care of the President and the Chairman who were much pleased to see our sportspersons winning at international games.