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Honored Disabled Soldier Graduated from University

Honored Disabled Soldier
Graduated from University

The young man seen in the picture is Kim Yong Ho, a special class disabled soldier living in People’s Neighborhood Unit 42, Jangchung 2-Dong, Songyo District, Pyongyang. He recently received a diploma, receiving warm congratulations from the people at the 13th graduation ceremony of the Tele-education Department of Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering.
He became a paraplegic due to an unexpected incident during his military service. His graduation from the university was associated with the deep attention and sincere help of the officials and teachers of the university.
He was versed in the electrical engineering and machinery and equipment. The officials and teachers of the university led him to enter the university and gave him an opportunity to learn more science and technology through the tele-education system.
He was hospitalized during his school days for several times. However, the teachers of the department visit him in the hospital with some precious tonics prepared by themselves to encourage him and help his study.
Their loving care finally led to his graduation of the university.
On the day of graduation Kim Yong Ho burst into tears of gratitude to the great love of the Party and the State that provided all-people study system.