Long History, Brilliant Culture


Yaksandongdae is one of the eight scenic spots in North and South Phyongan Provinces and Jagang Province for its scenery from ancient time. (Phyongan Province was called the Kwanso area during the Feudal Joson Dynasty. It includes Pyongyang, South Phyongan Province, North Phyongan Province and most of Jagang Province.)
The beauty spots of Yaksandongdae are Jeil Peak, Tongdae and Hakbyoru and other places.
Jeil Peak is the highest peak of Yaksandongdae and so it serves as a good sightseeing tower.
Lots of rocks including a tortoise-shape rock in Tongdae are contiguous to Jeil Peak.
In Mt. Yak stand Chonju Temple built in the period of Feudal Joson Dynasty and Soun Temple built for the first time in the period of Koryo, showing the creative talents and artistic skills of the Korean people.
In its vicinity are Ryuksung Pavilion built in the centre of Ryon Lake and spots of historical interest such as Cholongsongji, Puksugu gate site and South Gate associated with the patriotic struggle of the Korean people.