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Photographic Album of Old Teacher

Photographic Album of Old Teacher

An old man named Pak Chang Su in Masa-Dong, Waudo District, Nampho, has several voluminous photographic albums.
The albums are filled with the photos he took with his students. He has engaged himself in teaching from the Fatherland Liberation War.
Scores of years have elapsed since he left the platform. The number of the photos he took with his students is still on the increase.
His disciples visit their teacher on his birthdays, holidays and when they greet the significant days in their work and life to share joy with him and took photos together with him.
Lots of his disciples visited his house on October 1, the International Old People’s Day.
They discharged their duty and obligation as befitting disciples for scores of years. They came to see him with bunches of flowers and a lot of materials needed for his health and life.
His disciples with grey hair still visited him calling “teacher” as they used to do so in their childhood. Pak keenly felt the ethics of our society and excellent virtues that can be seen everywhere.
On that day an old teacher and his disciples also took photos together.
The people seen in the picture were ordinary and simple, but it was the most beautiful picture showing the true appearance of our society.