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Kind Driver

Kind Driver

One evening some months ago a bus stopped by the side of the people going along the mountainous pass in Rothan-ri, Popdong County.
When the people looked puzzled to see the bus, voices of the children calling “father” and “mother” came out of the bus.
Unexpectedly, there were their children studying at the Rothan Senior Middle School in the bus.
The bus driver named Sin Song Guk told them, “You seem their parents. Please get on the bus.”
Their doubts were dispelled in the bus going to their village.
Some days ago Sin Song Guk saw the children around the sanatorium in Rothan-ri going to their school some kilometers away from their village.
Whenever the driver saw the children he stopped the bus to pick up the children. Seeing the children who were delighted to get on the bus, he made up his mind to ensure their school attendance.
He advanced the service time to carry the children to the school every morning and therefore he could enjoy the children’s laugh every morning and evening.
The parents who heard of the story expressed their thanks to the driver, when he said, “It is quite too natural to work for the children the Party values so much.”