The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Unforgettable Meeting (11)

Unforgettable Meeting (11)

Tierno Alliu Binire Diallo, Former Chairman Parliamentary Group
of the United and Progressive Party of Guinea

More than ten years have elapsed since the days when I had met with the great President.
The world of today has changed a lot, but the DPRK changed as what the President said.
The world looks up with admiration to the DPRK that achieved single-hearted unity taking hold of the Party and army.
The U.S. threatened the DPRK under all kinds of pretexts if the latter hurt the former’s feelings and now the world is sneering at the U.S. insulted and controlled by the DPRK.
The world was struck with admiration when this country that respects and values intellectuals launched an artificial earth satellite “Kwangmyongsong-1”.
A powerful and prosperous country, a kingdom of the people, is rising stately in this country that regards the people as the most valuable being.
Today, I am greatly moved to see the DPRK emerging ever-victorious in the face of all trials and courageously advancing along the road, its own choice.
President Kim Il Sung, the great person of the century, will be immortal in the hearts of the Korean people and the progressives of the world.
I am touched to recall the bright smile and resonant voice of the President.