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Mt. Paektu, Holy Mountain of Korean Nation

Mt. Paektu,
Holy Mountain of Korean Nation

Mt. Paektu (2 750 meters high above sea level), a volcanic caldera formed a million years ago, is one of the 6 famous mountains of Korea. It is a world-famous mountain in the eastern corner and covered with snow all the year round.
From ancient times the Korean people regarded it as the holy mountain symbolizing the soul and spirit of the nation .
It has Lake Chon and a lot of peaks more than 2 500 meters above sea level and mysterious rocks and cliffs. The sunrise at Mt. Paektu presents a spectacular sight.
What draws the interests of the Korean nation and a great many world people is not only a natural landscape. It is all the more famous for the place where President Kim Il Sung waged anti-Japanese armed struggle for national liberation around the mountain.
Mt. Paektu is also the birth place of Chairman Kim Jong Il.
The mountain associated with the history of the President and the Chairman, the great persons, is the sacred mountain of the nation giving the Korean people spiritual force.
The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un climbed the Mt. Paektu associated with the sacred history of the Korean revolution several times to express his will to demonstrate the dignity and spirit of the country and the nation.