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Reading Session Held in Belarus

Reading Session Held in Belarus

Reading session of “On the Juche Idea,” an immortal classic work of Chairman Kim Jong Il, took place at the Belorussian branch of the International Group for Solidarity with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on March 23.
Present there were the chief and members of the branch.
The chief of the branch read the gist of the work.
After reading it, the chief spoke highly of the feats of Chairman Kim Jong Il who made undying contributions to the revolutionary cause of Juche in Korea and the struggle for global independence. He said that he was an extraordinary thinker and theoretician who indicated the path for the era and mankind and he published his immortal classic work “On the Juche Idea” to further develop and enrich the Juche idea.
He stressed that the DPRK could be ever-victorious pulling through all kinds of hardships and trials thanks to the great Juche idea and the ideo-theoretical feats of Chairman Kim Jong Il will shine long along with the history of humankind.