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Celebration Event Held in Indonesia

Event Held in Indonesia

An event took place at the Bogor Botanical Garden in Indonesia on April 5 to commemorate the 59th anniversary of the visit to Indonesia by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il. The event included a ceremony of visiting the monument to Kimilsungia, a photo exhibition and a film show.
Present there were personages of the government, political parties, organizations and institutions and the charge d’ affaires ad interim and members of the DPRK embassy in this country.
The participants looked round photos of President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il and General Secretary Kim Jong Un and photos introducing the achievements made by the DPRK in the struggle to bolster up its military capability for self-defence and improve the people’s living standards, on display at the event venue, and the monument to Kimilsungia, etc.
They also watched a film dealing with the President’s visit to Indonesia.
Speeches were made there.
Speakers at the event noted that through their visit to Indonesia, the President and the Chairman performed immortal exploits for the developments of the friendly relations between the two countries and that the eye-opening successes have been made by the Korean people under the wise leadership of the respected General Secretary.
Saying that the personal relations between President Kim Il Sung and President Sukarno are still alive in the memory of the Indonesian people as the basis of the friendly relations between the two countries, they expressed their will to as ever develop cooperation and exchange based on mutual respect and boost the friendly and cooperative relations.