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More than 30 Days Connected with Loving Care

More than 30 Days Connected with Loving Care

One day in December 2023 the telephone in an office room of the Jihung Transport Office rang to inform it of an unexpected burns of Jang Ji Hyon, a daughter of Jo Un Jong of the office.
The officials together with Ji Hyon’s mother and father ran in a hurry to the hospital. They were struck dumb with amazement
“Don’t worry. We will do our best to bring laughter again to Ji Hyon”….
All the employees of the office turned out to her treatment.
Since then Ji Hyon became the daughter of all the people. “I’m sorry for being late.”, “Please try this tonic.” and other voices came out from her ward.
She was not a daughter of all the people, but they poured out their soul. The medical workers of the hospital launched into a campaign for her treatment. They had tens of doctors’ conference, skin grafting of several times and tender care of the patient without shift…
Indeed, the whole hospital was filled with the loving care for the child.
More that 30 days had passed and Jang Ji Hyon fully recovered and finally left the hospital congratulated by the people in January 2024.