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Scenic Spot, Sinphyong Kumgang

Scenic Spot, Sinphyong Kumgang

Scenic spot Sinphyong Kumgang is situated at Munsongjin-ri and Saengyang-ri, Sinphyong County, North Hwanghae Province.
The area of Sinphyong Kumgang was called Tohwadong for its landscape from ancient time.
Tohwadong means a beautiful valley with peach blossoms. But it was unknown to the people as it set deep in the high and rugged mountainous region.
The area of Tohwadong is called Sinphyong Kumgang thanks to the great loving care of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il for the people.
The beauty of the valleys is typical of Sinphyong Kumgang.
Jinju, Kumgang, Jangsubong, Okryudong, Kuryong, Manmulsang, Tohwadong and Chongsokjong valleys represent the beauty of 8 valleys of Sinphyong Kumgang.