Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Sends Greetings to Russian President

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Sends
Greetings to Russian President

Pyongyang, May 9 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, sent a message of greeting to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, president of the Russian Federation, on May 9.
In the message, he extended warm congratulations and comradely greetings, on behalf of the DPRK government and people, to President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and the friendly Russian government and people on the 79th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War which holds the most brilliant place in the history of Russia.
In the decisive battles against the high-handed fascism cruelly trampling upon the destiny of mankind, the Russian people bravely overcame unimaginable trials and sufferings and displayed the matchless self-sacrificing spirit, heroism and noble internationalism and thus performed the historic exploits of defending the security of the country and saving the global peace at last, the message said, adding:
Through the Second World War, the Russian people made the law of history that any aggression group attempting to dominate and subjugate the world can never escape destruction in the face of the strength of justice burning with patriotism and the will of annihilating the enemy. And Russia's exploits for war victory are shining as an immutable truth despite all sorts of reactionaries' distortion of history.
Today the Russian people under your leadership are successfully carrying forward the proud stamina of the victorious wartime generation by resolutely turning out in the righteous struggle to defend the sovereignty of the country from the vicious challenges and threats of the hostile forces and ensure the regional peace and security.
Availing myself of this opportunity, I express firm support and solidarity with the sacred cause of Russia, hoping that you and the brave Russian army and people would win fresh victory in the struggle to defeat the imperialists' hegemonic policy and high-handedness by dint of a powerful country and build a fair and peaceful multi-polar world.
I extend my warm militant greetings. -0-