The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Making New History of Tremendous Changes

Making New History of Tremendous Changes

One day in October 2020 the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited flood-affected Komdok area of South Hamgyong Province.
That day he visited newly built residential quarters through a dangerous railway bridge and 55 passes.
He was glad to see the residential quarters and presented a bright blueprint for the building of an unprecedented ore mine city in Komdok area bearing the marks of the last century.
The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un gave detailed instructions concerning problems arising from the city construction. He said there was a song of the changes in Changsong when President Kim Il Sung was alive and a song of changes in Komdok should come into being in the era of today.
The leading official of Komdok told him that the people of Komdok were glad to see new dwelling houses for thousands of households built in a matter of one month in the flood-affected area and said it was the first experience in their lifetime and they would be surprised to see Komdok area that changed completely.
Then the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said there is a saying that no force to tide over flood, but we have such a force, only the Workers’ Party of Korea has a force to tide over flood, frenzied nature. And he went on to say that it is the unshakable will of our Party to reclaim land as well as sky for the good of the people and as it always carries into practice the grandiose ideal and hope our Party enjoys a worldwide reputation as an invincible Party.