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Hamhung Pansong, Living Monument

Hamhung Pansong, Living Monument

Hamhung pinus densiflora form (dwarf Pine) is a rare-to-be-seen pine tree in front yard of historic building in Hungdok District, Hamghung City, South Hamgyong Province.
It grew for more than 400 years.
Its trunk began to grow tilting toward the southeast and divided into two branches stretching to the southwest and being level with the ground. These two branches stretched further gradually lying over the ground. Many twigs were spreading from these two branches with green leaves of each end to form the shape of tray crown. And another two small twigs on the branches hung to the down.
President Kim Il Sung came here to give instructions to take good care of the tree though he was quite busy with the building of a new country.
In August 1967 Chairman Kim Jong Il saw the tree and said it was a rare tree. He also gave instructions to take good care of it so that the tree may live for a long time.