The great persons of Mt. Paektu
In Spite of His Birthday

In Spite of His Birthday

Chairman Kim Jong Il would spend his birthdays (February 16) as an ordinary day while he devoted his whole life to the pleasure and happiness of the people.
The same was his birthday of 1999. Let us see the schedule of the day for example.
The first item in the list of his schedule was to go to the women’s unit of the Korean People’s Army.
Saying that the best pleasure for him is to spend his birthday with soldiers he spent all his morning time looking round the barracks to acquaint himself with their military service and take measures in need before he left the unit.
In the afternoon he went to the training field of another KPA unit and guided the ski training of the army service persons and families of the officers.
He spent till late in the evening in the training ground in bitter cold blizzard.
He returned to the boarding in deepening darkness. Then he ensured to provide the service persons with quality skis in consideration of their trouble skiing in cold days and discussed with the officials over the supper about the farming of potatoes and livelihood of the people.