The great persons of Mt. Paektu
At the fishing place of Mupho

At the fishing place of Mupho

One day in Autumn of 1971 Chairman Kim Jong Il giving on-the-spot guidance to Ryanggang Province, went to the fishing place together with the officials in Mupho.
The officials fished one after another, but he was given to speculation. He did not see at all that trout was caught in a trap.
When an official came close to him, showing signs of his coming, he said I gave myself up in thought, while fishing in a stream on the bank of the Tuman River associated with the great traces of the leader and warm blood of the anti-Japanese revolutionary forerunners today, which helped me think up a bright idea to give formulation of his revolutionary idea.
He went on to say that: when thinking back to the past days, we came to see that the river and forests had a grim history, no classics are comparable to the revolutionary idea of the great leader in terms of its width and depth, his revolutionary history is an immortal heroic epic to remain long in the hearts of the world people.
After a while, he added that the Juche idea grips the hearts of hundreds of millions, but we have not yet formulated the revolutionary idea of the leader as Kimilsungism, as the Tuman River flows for good and all, Kimilsungism is the only one guiding idea representing our era of today and a great revolutionary idea to shine invariably in the society in the days to come.