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Chongsokjong, Scenic Spot of East Sea

Chongsokjong, Scenic Spot of East Sea

Chongsokjong situated on the seashore of the Thongchon County town, Kangwon Province, has been a well-known seashore scenic spot of Korea, one of the eight scenic spots of Kwandong District from ancient times for curious cliffs and rocks.
Stone pillars standing in line along the seashore are peculiar for the shapes of standing straight, sitting and laying down.
Stone pillars in groups and alone standing in the crystal-clear sea waters are wonderful. The sunrise and silver-colored night scene of it lead to ecstasy.
The birds of various kinds going home to their nests on the cliffs of Chongsokjong, ever-green pine trees taking roots in the crevices of rocks and standing against snow and frost and strong sea winds and waves running into stone pillars, add to the beautiful scenery of Chongsokjong.
The Chongsokjong area is weighty importance as a resort of culture and rest of the working people.