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For Women’s Clothes Exhibition

For Women’s Clothes Exhibition

In February 2022 the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said to officials that in order to develop the garment industry it is necessary to hold clothes exhibition frequently, the field of light industry should present various kinds of clothes of the season and other clothes that meet the tastes of the people to the exhibition so that they may come into fashion and lead the socialist culture of life.
On his initiative, preparations for the exhibition were pushed forward in the DPRK.
He saw to it that the new clothes exhibition was held as a women’s clothes exhibition and gave detailed instructions to the exhibition, with seasonal clothes of women in their thirties and forties, taking the important place in society.
And he said it is necessary to give variety to the women’s clothes exhibition, the exhibited clothes should be made of our style. He gave precious instructions on the exhibition for several times.
Moreover, he saw to it that a powerful preparatory committee was organized to promote the preparations for the women’s clothes exhibition and solved all problems ranging from venue of the exhibition to the variety and proportion of exhibits, the participation unit and examination, supply of materials and the accommodation of the participants in the exhibition.
Under his meticulous loving care “Women’s Clothes Exhibition-2022”, an epitome of the civilization of the DPRK was grandly held in Pyongyang in October 2022 with great expectations and attention of the Korean people, women in particular.
The foreigners who visited to this exhibition said it is very splendid and peculiar in style, they are surprised to see new and unique style of clothes, they come to see the development of Korea and women living in this country where such a wonderful and large-scale exhibition held are the fortunate.