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Bell at Yonbok Temple

Bell at Yonbok Temple

The bell at Yonbok Temple is in Pukan Dong, Kaesong City.
The bell dates back to the period of Koryo (918-1392). It is different from other bells in terms of shape and content and arrangement of pattern.
The body of the bell is divided by two high and low with several thick lines around it. Inscribed on it were the image of Buddha, Buddhist scriptures, various patterns and the name of the bell.
The edge of the bell mouth is crooked rhythmically and fish swimming on a wave, dragon and others are inscribed along the edge.
The dragon of the bell ring looks alive.
The bell has refined, gracious and solemn ornaments. It is said that the sound is beautiful and clear and reverberates even to the area more than 40 kilometers away.
The bell is casted in copper alloy. It weighs about 14 tons. It shows the high molding technique and technical art of the people of Koryo.